Staring at Pandemonium by Richard Murphy

Daniel Loman, an average Joe from Connecticut, is being followed around the world by an unstoppable extra-terrestrial robot. ‘That Robot Guy’ is on every TV, the cover of every magazine but living in a bubble; forced to adopt a nomadic existence of constant travel striving to stay one step ahead.

As he battles to understand why, corporations try to steal his brand, zealots cast him as a false idol and governments study the robot’s secrets. Supported by Jones, the trusted ex-cop assigned to protect him, and with the help of Toby, the mysterious Government agent, they attempt to stop the robot. But when a dangerous plan goes wrong, and the costs become too much Daniel realises that despite the trappings of success, he is trapped himself.

What if YOU were the most famous person on the planet? What if everywhere you went people asked you the same question that you didn’t have an answer for? But what if more info you could never, ever, stop?

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